Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Easily Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency on the Following Top Rated Cryptocurrency Exchanges.


Binance (#1 Rated by CNTV)

Binance is a very popular and well known Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can easily depsoit Bitcoin, and other supported cryptocurrencies. Nearly all tokens on the exchagne have enough liquidity to complete transactions with ease. Listing tokens on Binance is a rigrous process which has allowed investors to buy tokens that have already passed the Binance review with peace of mind. Hold BNB to get 50% off your trading fees.

Our Rating: 98.75%

  • Trading Pairs: 386
  • Exchange Fee: 0.1%

KuCoin (#2 Rated by CNTV)

KuCoin is a fantasitc exchagne! It may not have the highest volume or market maker bots on this exchange, however there are a ton of users and traders. KuCoin also has a benifit for those that hold their KuCoin Token, you recieve all the tokens & coins on the exchange to your account daily based on the trading volume. KuCoin is for sure an up and coming exchange.

Our Rating: 98.57%

  • Trading Pairs: 396
  • Exchange Fee: 0.1%

CEX.IO (#3 Rated by CNTV)

CEX.IO is an exchange that cares about AML / KYC procedures more than any other exchanges. You are required to provide proof of identity before you can deposit or trade on the CEX.IO platform. This ensures that traders on the platform are authentic and have been initially vetted by the company and have their information on file. Signup on CEX.IO today and trade on an exchange that is not minipulated.

Our Rating: 98.37%

  • Trading Pairs: 28
  • Exchange Fee: 0.1%

Coinbase (#4 Rated by CNTV)

Coinbase is one of the best exchanges for initially buying Bitcoin and various other top cryptocurrencies with a debit card or via wire transfer. You can easily convert cryptocurrencies using their easy to use converter. Additionally Coinbase also has what is called Coinbase Pro as their advanced excahange.

Our Rating: 97.82%

  • Trading Pairs: 38
  • Exchange Fee: 0.1%

BitMEX (#5 Rated by CNTV)

BitMEX is a great Cryptocurrency exchange for those that are looking to leverage or margin trade against Bitcoin. BitMEX offer leverage trading upto 100x however it is important to note that leverage or margin trading comes with a large risk of losing your entire investment. Experienced traders only.

Our Rating: 97.71%

  • Trading Pairs: 8
  • Exchange Fee: 0.1%

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