David Peterson CEO of ARB Admits to Hostile Takeover & more on Telegram Chat

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video with Crypto News TV! Our last video has created a lot of noise regarding the Platform and the ARB Token. A lot of our viewers had recommended that we reach out to David Peterson and ask questions we had directly to him.

We did just that. Here is our conversation with David Peterson the CEO of Arbitraging and the ARB Token.

Let me know what you guys thought about his responses in the comments..

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Full Chat Log on Telegram:

Hello, one of my admins said that you wished to speak with me? sorry i have been under the weather and just resting to kick the bug i have.

Crypto News TV
Yes thats correct. We both have a history. I was your first interview with xrpc. However due to recent events and skeletons coming out of the closet I released a video of a recorded phone call. I have some questions regarding the platform. I have tried reaching out on various occasions via google hangouts and email woth no response. One of the first questions is why people are saying you recently took over when you have been the CEO from day one. Also at the start of xrpc why you made such an effort not to show your face or who you were?

I have a lot of questions and red flags to address. This is just the start if you are willing to do another interview to clear things up i would respect that.

I was not the CEO from day 1. I took it over in feb. and by take over they mean like i kicked out all the other people. They were no good. I didnt show my face at the beginning because i had not taken over the whole company yet. Ken B was the original founder, i took it over from him.
I remember you. Also I do not use that account on hangouts anymore that we had talked on so sorry for no response

Crypto News TV
Is arb a decentralized or centralized platform?
Where can i find the current whitepaper and team of arb

Crypto News TV
Is arb a decentralized or centralized platform?
Alittle of both. We decentralize the funding so it is not on the platform and makes it safe from theft and hackers. The vault is fully decentralized.
Crypto News TV
Where can i find the current whitepaper and team of arb
We are currently upgrading the site and redoing the whitepaper to be post ico and tailored to 2019

Crypto News TV
Has any audit by a vetted and trusted company reviewed your code to prove these statements? I am not sure why everyone must take your word without any technical papers or undisputed proof of what you are indeed saying. For example you taking over… Every ICO review video of xrpc shows you as CEO even those in Jan. Do you have a contract showing you took over or was it a hostile take over?

I am sure you can see why it looks no good. Also you are using a company logo for your personal telegram..

The set up is public. All deposits go into 1 cold storage wallet. Your accounts have a registered MEW and the system reads the deposits and credits your account. All funds are on etherscan in the cold storage and that keeps all the funds. They move from there to withdrawal contracts, all is public.

it was more of a hostile takeover. I am pretty sure the interview with you was my first one ever. I had not taken over at that point.

Honeslty i never thought anything about using the logo as my telegram. Its more for business purposes. All I do is work man, i dont really do much else.

Crypto News TV
Yes well our interview was on January 9th. And was titled as Interview with CEO David Perterson of XRPConnect. At the time lending was how it was presented and it really hurt my channel with everything going on with bitconnect and the motto was xrpc by the early investors of bitconnect…. Over 10k people saw the interview imo me removing the video helped you with the rebrand and reputation.

Regarding the wallets, this can still be verifed by smart contract auditors. If the contract is not owned by me i would not want to use it.

I do not understand why the setup of this project is to have user deposit their funds in your possession to do any arbitrage at all. Why dont users and members do not have the power to run and use the “bots” without giving them your funds.

It would make more sense for users to download your bot program and connect to exchanges with THEIR veirifed accounts to exchange.

If not a scam it is money laundering because you have exchange accounts that are limited by location, kyc, and more. If you are centralized and move money around for your members thats money laundering espically if you dont know who they are. Which is why every exchange has kyc.

Also I can only assume you do not have a crypto license?

Can you comment on the trading volume? For example if somone had 10k arb and sold today it would tank it. There is only 30k in trading volume. For a project with 30+ million in it no one wants to trade arb. Are most of these tokens locked?

If someone wanted to visit your office or talk with the arb secretary what is the address?

It would make more sense for users to download your bot program and connect to exchanges with THEIR veirifed accounts to exchange.

they do use our mbot like this. Its just not downloadable yet. They use it right on our site, people use their own exchange API.

We actually are in the process of moving our registered location, we started in singapore and have recently registered in BVI and are in the process of obtaining license there.

With volume you maybe looking only at external volume our main volume is internal, 10k arb would not tank anything our volume is 10x the external.

I have met with many investors and influencers in person, some even at my home.

I also just did the many events at the world crypto conference in vegas and won the token tank.

I am very much out there and our bot is live on our site for people to use.

Crypto News TV
I do not have a bot program lol. But if you look around at different projects like crypto indexes for example it is setup to where the user deposits into a smart contract that has been audited and proven to do what it says and shows that a user really does own their funds.

People doing things legit in this space have technical papers and show digrams of the process. Do you have any reference at all over the last 10 months to show a technical overview of how your proclaimed platform works?

So in regards to the m-bot being your most legit product if users can actually see a history on their exchange account of deposits, withdraws, and trades. Also granted they have to just trust you not to send funds to your wallet address when using the m-bot. (But then again trusting a bot to do withdraws is not recommeded by anyone. Only trades because of the “risk”)

And yes I get a lot of people want to meet you. That is fantasitc, however I care about people. You have doged most of my questions and given pretty blunt statements.

I will provide a non-biasis follow up video based on our disscussion. Thanks.

sorry i have been answering inbetween calls, let me address all of your pm again after i get some time to fully answer. I have also been fighting a small bug i picked up on the road. I will get back to you soon

Crypto News TV
No problem, please ket me know when you have a moment

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