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Buy or Sell STASH on Uniswap, Dextools, or 1inch

Previously in the last update, we mentioned the BitStash (STASH) ERC-20 smart contract would be migrated to a new contract to match the new circulating supply and to be 1:1 to the new BitStash (STASH) Coin. You can read more on the update here.

After migrating to the new smart contract, we also needed to update the smart contracts used to trade STASH on Uniswap and other integrated DEX aggregators. It is important to note that the old STASH smart contract has been placed on a full stop. Only the new smart contract will be used for interacting with the Ethereum based token in the foreseeable future.

Trade STASH on Uniswap here: Buy STASH with ETH on Uniswap

Trade STASH on 1inch: Buy STASH with ETH on 1inch Exchange

Trade STASH on Dextools: Buy STASH with ETH on DexTools

New BitStash (STASH) smart contract: 0xe4f356ecce6fbda81ecdea2e38527e59422861c2

It is important that you are interacting with the proper BitStash (STASH) token. Please be sure that you are buying or selling the new STASH token and not the old migrated token.

What is on the horizon for BitStash?

There are still many planned features and integrations that are being developed at the time of writing this announcement. We are coming close to the final stages of releasing our own Chrome Wallet Extension to be used with dApps and other decentralized products that are built on the BitStash Blockchain EVM. Check our development progress on github to see the work our developers doing here:

We are getting very close to releasing our 1:1 bridge that allows for interoperability between the Ethereum blockchain and the BitStash blockchain. Currently we have a system in place that allows for users coming from Ethereum to BitStash. Soon we will be opening the bridge to also go from the BitStash blockchain back to the Ethereum blockchain as well. Once the bridge has been successfully built between these 2 assets on different blockchains we will then begin bridging others as well such as Ethereum, USDT, and other major projects to encourage trading with extremely low to almost non existent gas fees.

Have STASH Tokens but want to start staking the STASH Coins? Learn how:

Currently, about every 2 minutes there is a new block reward for stakers on the BitStash blockchain. This reward is 35.7 STASH which at the time of this announcement is worth $0.57. (Each coin valued at only $0.016). This means that you could join an offline staking pool (coming soon) or simply stake your coins with the BitStash QT wallet and earn block rewards. The sooner you get involved with staking the better your rewards will be. Every 4 years the staking reward will half until all coins have been distributed as rewards. (Estimated to happen in 2050). At which time stakers will only earn based on the transaction fees from new blocks being generated.

Learn how to swap your STASH here:


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