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CNTV is short for Crypto News TV

Crypto News TV is a professional multi-media network. Our published content is syndicated across various media platforms including but not limited to YouTube, iTunes Podcast, Player FM, and other popular media networks. Founded in 2017 Crypto News TV has provided content on Cryptocurrency and Secret or Hidden Information. In most recent segments we have focused on interviewing different Cryptocurrency projects and blockchains.

Here at CNTV, we believe that Cryptocurrency has an enormous amount of potential to solve various problems we as a society are currently facing. From high levels of security and trust to enabling countries all around the world the access 100% FREE banking and opportunities that come with this. Fiat currency is not backed by anything and has an unlimited or unset supply that can be produced. The alternative to fiat is Cryptocurrency which majority are limited in supply. Take a moment to watch some of our videos to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to see how it can improve your daily life.


Crypto News TV

Founded in 2017 Crypto News TV (CNTV) is a professional news station that provides Platform Reviews, Blockchain Interviews, and other Cryptocurrency related segments. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for new releases.

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